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Hello Professionals,
hope you are doing good,
Here you go with my consultants who are open for C2C positions.
Add my mail (669-900-5172) to your distribution list and send me your daily c2c requirements.

Asif QA Lead Yes 17 H1B
Kishore QA Architect Yes 17 H1B
Deepak SDET Yes 9+ H1B
Lakshmi Full Stack Developer Hybrid 11+ H1B
Naveen Lead Java developer Remote 12+ H1B
Venkat Lead Java developer Remote 15 H1B
Lokesh Solution Architect YES 9 H1B
Raghu Solution Architect Remote 16+ H1B
Navya Product Manager Yes 9 H1B
Anil Kumar Project manager Yes 10 H1B
David IOS Developer YES 11 TN
Alan .Net Developer Yes 11 TN
Franc .Net Developer Yes 13 TN
Ari UI/UX Remote 15 TN
Javier Sr. ReactJS Developer Yes 10 TN
Ashish ReactJS Developer Yes 9 H1B
Bharath ReactJS Developer Yes 8+ H1B
Manasvini ServiceNow Developer Yes 9+ H1B
Ravikanth RPA Developer Yes 9 H1B
Antonio RPA UIPath Developer Remote 12 TN
Lenin Python Developer Remote 14 TN
Devrup microsoft CRM Remote 20 USC
Chapathi rao Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Yes 23 Gc

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