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Hi Partners


Top Notch Available consultants. Looking for C2C projects.

Let me know if you have any C2C Requirements on daily basis. Best way to reach me on 832-400-2025.


Consultant Name Skill Set Visa Experience Current Location Comments
Mani kanta Security Analyst H1B 7+ Texas Open to Relocate
Preetam Java OPT 6 Arizona Open to Relocate
Sumalatha Salesforce H1B 12+ Charlotte, NC Open to Relocate
Gowri Sri Dynamic 365 GC 7+ NY Only Remote
Manogna Power BI/Tableau OPT 7 New Mexico Open to Relocate
Sudarshan Data Engineer H1B 12+ Dallas, TX Only Remote
Srinivas Matta Tableau Citizen 10+ Atlanta, GA Only Remote
Kushi SQL Server OPT 6 Dallas, TX Only Remote
Nagraj SQL DBA H1B 14 Houston, TX Open to Relocate
Mahitha Business Analyst             H1B 8 Texas Only Remote
Praveen Azure Data Engineer H1B 10 Dallas, TX Open to Relocate
Spurthi Java OPT 6+ Houston, TX Only Remote
Kartheek Balamoni JAVA/DevOps              H1B 9 king of Prussia, PA Open to Relocate
Jyothsna Data Engineer  H1B 9 Phoenix, AZ Only Remote
Abhilash QA Manual Lead H1B 16 Phoenix, AZ Open to Relocate
Rajesh Mani DOT Net H1B 17+ Irving, TX Only Remote
Srujan Service Now H1B 8 Louisville, KY Only Remote
Ranjeet DevOps H1B 9 Tampa, FL Open to Relocate
Sanjana Java Developer H4 EAD 7 Phoenix, AZ Remote
Sai Priyanka SQL OPT 7 Sunnyvale, CA Open to Relocate
Sai Ram Devops OPT 6+ Dallas, TX Open to Relocate
Sampath SQL DBA GC EAD 8 Salt Lake City, Utah Remote
Vamshi Krishna Java Full stack H1B 7 Alpharetta, GA Open to Relocate
Sharath DevOps H1B 12 Houston, TX Open to Relocate
Sailaja Devi QA Test Lead H4 EAD 14 San Antonio, TX & Remote Remote
Afroz Data Engineer H1B 8+ Fremont, CA Only Remote
Dinesh UI React H1B 8 Houston, TX Open to Relocate
Pradeep Cyber Security Citizen 15+ Texas Only Remote
Sai Kumar Java Full Stack OPT 7 Dallas TX Open to Relocate
Pinnanty Yashwanth Data Engineer H1B 9 Houston TX Only Remote
Ram Naik Informatica          H1B 8 Sanramon, CA Open to Relocate
Muvva Java Full Stack         H1B 8 Dallas, TX Open to Relocate
Saketh Tableau H1B 9 Richmond, VA Open to Relocate
Bhargav UI React OPT EAD 7 Richmond, VA Open to Relocate
Balaji Scrum Master OPT EAD 8 Dallas, TX Open to Relocate
Nikhil Reddy Maram Java Full stack  H1B 8 Dallas TX Open to Relocate
Aditya Dot net OPT 7+ Terrapin MD Remote
Pruthvi Raj Power BI H1B 8+ Tampa, Florida Open to Relocate
Vasim Shamim Business Analyst H1B 8+ Dallas, TX Open to Relocate
Sanjay Chowdary VM Ware Architect GC 12+ Kansas City Only Remote


Texans IT Services Inc

440 Cobia Dr, Suite # 2002 Katy,TX 77494.

Mobile: 832-400-2025.



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