Explaining C2C arrangements in US employment

Corp to Corp
  1. Definition of Corp to Corp (C2C): The content defines Corp to Corp as a contractual relationship between two corporations or organizations. In this arrangement, one company (Company A) hires an employee from another company (Company B) to work on a specific project or job. Company B, the employer in this scenario, is responsible for various obligations such as withholding taxes, providing benefits, and managing other employment-related matters.
  2. Tax Terms and Responsibilities: The analysis outlines the tax implications and responsibilities associated with Corp to Corp arrangements. It highlights that in C2C agreements, the second company (Company B) is considered the employer for tax purposes. Therefore, Company B is responsible for tasks such as withholding and paying taxes on the employee’s income, as well as providing benefits and insurance.
  3. Usage in US Staffing Industry: The content explains that Corp to Corp arrangements are commonly utilized in the US staffing industry, particularly for contract jobs. It emphasizes the flexibility it offers to companies in accessing a workforce without assuming the full responsibilities and costs of being an employer.

Overall, the analysis provides a clear understanding of Corp to Corp arrangements, including their structure, tax implications, and usage within the US staffing industry.

Regarding the table for which visas can work under C2C, here’s the breakdown:

LinkedIn Group for C2C Job Posting

Job Portal for C2C Job Posting

Visa TypeEligibility for Corp to Corp (C2C)

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